Aug 26

Architecture of beautiful lips

Dr. Dibling performs lip augmentations starting at $590.00 using the Juvederm collection of fillers.  The procedure can be performed with local anesthetic or with a strong topical alone.  Dr. Dibling uses almost routinely a “Soft Fill” cannula which translates to a lot less bruising and swelling for the patient.  In starting the lip augmentation Dr. Dibling will very frequently place filler in the corners of the mouth first.  This is done prior to putting product in the lip itself.  This step alone often lifts the lip up and out already improving appearance.

I did a Google search for lip augmentations and was truly surprised at the before and after pictures the doctors had online.  All of the patients had lip augmentations with product just placed in the lip alone.  This leaves the lips very obvious “standouts” for lip augmentation.  The lips just don’t belong on such a skinny “volume” deficit peri-oral face.  I do hope these were not performed with a non-resorbable permanent filler.  For as these women age the surrounding volume loss will accentuate the volume discrepancy making things look more fake.

Lip augmentations can be combined around the lips to smooth those dreaded smoker lines above the lips.  Small increments of Botox will relax these superficial muscle fibers that leave the skin puckered (furrowed).  Placing fillers at a 2-week interval after the Botox will really help keep these lines away and make the filler last longer.  Check out the smile gallery.  These are photos of lip augmentations with Botox and fillers placed in surrounding marionette lines.  All the patients are thrilled and love what I’ve done for them.

Hope to see you soon!