May 04

Are clear orthodontic aligners alike?

The simple answer is no. Dr.Dibling offers two different manufacturers of clear aligners. With both of these brands, a 3-D virtual projection of sequence tooth movement occurs with each tray. Multiple trays are worn and the final projected outcome is demonstrated. With either of these manufacturers, the end result looks the same. However, with Clear Correct therapy fewer total trays are needed.

I’ve had patients with proposals from other offices with either an Invisalign treatment plan or a Reveal treatment plan and both were usually three or four months of longer wear time. I have had a patient to that I was demonstrating the Clear Correct treatment and she had a proposal from another office from a different manufacturer. She asked why the difference in duration of time and I could not answer her question. Normally a tooth can be moved three to five degrees of rotation or .3 to .5mm. every ten to fourteen days. I myself was puzzled and searched the literature on the difference of the clear aligners and came upon the answer.

A paper published by a dental school researcher studied the retention of the trays from different manufacturers. Retention is the amount of force required to pull the tray away or off the teeth. Clear Correct had the highest force required.

All the different manufacturers fabricate the trays in about the same way. Computer models are generated with small increments of movements in each set. The trays are then pressed over the models in a heat and pressure shrink-wrap type process. With Clear Correct the trays are trimmed below the neck of the tooth by about 2-3mm with the finish line on the gum. Other companies trim the trays right at the neckline, the edges of the trays have a scallop-like appearance. Sadly, when the scallop trays are trimmed the plastic springs away from the neck of the tooth. The neckline of the tooth is right where most of the grip occurs. Clear Correct allows these trays to exert a more controlled force over a longer duration of time. Get it…more tooth movement with each tray and so fewer trays and more control.

Currently, Dr.Dibling will perform Clear Correct with retainers for $3499 as an internet special. Just mention this ad.

In short, you can go elsewhere, pay more, wear more trays, and have your treatment take longer. The choice is yours. Consults are always at no charge.