Apr 12

Blue Sky Bio Surgical Guides

Dr. Dibling now designs & fabricates his patient’s own surgical guides using Blue Sky Bio & Sprint Ray Pro 3D printer. In the past, he utilized a software called Simplant. This was well over 15 years ago & the surgical guides needed to be sent to Belgium to be fabricated.

Blue sky bio allows the dr to design his surgical approach and then export a file to fabricate a template on the 3D printer. This template fits on the existing teeth or the patient’s own bone and allows precise placement of the implant into the supported bone. These templates also allow easier construction of the final implant bridge. Using the 3D printer in the office has a “fun” or cool effect in making these surgical guides. It is a very satisfying feeling to design, construct and deliver a surgical procedure with so much attention to planning. He tells his patients that after designing the surgical plan for over an hour he is assured of the way the care is going to be delivered. It almost feels like he is doing the surgery for a second time.

If you are a patient who needs multiple implants placed cost-effectively, precisely, and with ultra safety in mind, come by for a consultation. Dr. Dibling will show you how cool computer-guided surgery can be.