Jan 23

Dental Implants are Cheaper than Dental Adhesive

At my Manalapan, NJ office I place a lot of dental implants and more importantly fit the components to restore them. 

This is how I know that after 3 years of service dental implants are cheaper to use than adhesive.  Lets do the math.  A tube of adhesive costs about $6.00 even if you buy it in a jumbo Sams Club shrink wrap package.  I have patients arrive at my dental office who use about 2 of the 2.4 ounce tubes a week!  That is $12.00 a week or close to $50.00 a month.  $600.00 a year for glue for your mouth, thats a joke. 

At my Manalapan,  NJ dental office I will place 2 implants that have snaps to hold the denture in place for $1,800.00.  That is with a computer guided Simplant Surgiguide. 

This overdenture technique secures the denture in place with no sideways movement and more importantly, no adhesive.  Most times the procedure can be performed with no incision and no scalpel or stitches.  Come by my office for a consult, which is always no charge.  Before you do that watch and listen to my patient videos testimonials.

You have a choice, eat mint flavored glue with every meal for the rest of your life or get some dental implants.  So instead of Fixodent and forget it your new phrase will be forget the Fixodent.