Feb 23

Get Your Mouth Fixed like Your House “One Room at a Time”

My dental implant patient from Forked River showed up 15 minutes late. Since it was a brief impression appointment. We could still make it work since she traveled so far. Three months earlier we placed 3 implants in her lower right jaw with a Simplant guided surgery template. Two weeks earlier we placed healing caps on the 3 implants. Today we needed to take an impression to record the relation & position of the implants to her jaw & remaining teeth. We also took an impression in the opposing jaw of the natural teeth. Prior to this opposing impression, I noticed some mobility of these teeth on the crowns that were performed elsewhere. The patient remarked “Yes Dr.Dibling you informed me of that at my 1st exam & I told you to remember my daughter is getting married & I can’t fix that at present time. Remember you made the analogy of the downstairs powder room looking great for the guests & pictures. And then after the wedding, we can get to the upstairs guest bath.”

Many patients will go to corporate dental offices that are advertised on tv & have been quoted fees to restore just 1 jaw at $43,000 with finance rates at 26%. This seems outrageous to us! Come to Dr. Dibbling’s office & save thousands. Dental implants for the rest of the world is our motto.

So call now for your free dental implant consult. It will only save you several thousand dollars unless you prefer to give your savings to a local dentist a mile or 2 from your house, who just got his brand new implant kit from the hotel course he finished earlier this month.