Jan 22

L-PRF Platelet Therapy – Better Healing From Within

Dr. John Dibling of Manalapan is now offering L-PRF which is an acronym for leukocyte plasma rich fibrin treatment for enhanced healing of bone and soft
tissue graft procedures for dental implants.

This procedure uses the patient’s own blood which is collected and then spun down in a device called a Centrifuge. This separates the red blood cells from the liquid portion of the blood or plasma. You may have heard of this on the TV or internet being used for facial cosmetic procedures like the Vampire facial treatments.

However, for mouth grafting procedures in our office, the blood is spun down and then in a sterile technique the clot is pressed into a membrane or sheet. With any of these PRF procedures, blood platelet, fibrin and important growth factors are concentrated into this sheet. All of your bodies “healing factors” help with speedy collagen growth, improved blood vessel growth and lessen bone healing time, speed maturity and increase bone density.

Our office uses “The Intra Spin” Centrifuge. This is the only FDA approved medical device to produce these healing membrane wonders. At this time, Dr. Dibling in Manalapan is offering this procedure for dental implants at no additional cost.

Dr. Dibling has over 33 years experience at placing dental implants. Now, with L-PRF treatment for minimal fees and great Google reviews, why go anywhere else for your dental implant needs?

Lets not forget consults are entirely complementary with no cost to the patient. So call now and lets get those teeth in your head.