May 28

Manalapan Township Cosmetic Dentist

Manalapan Township Cosmetic Dentist

Does your smile make you happy? Or do you stare at the mirror and become bogged down by flaws in your teeth? If your smile isn’t your favorite feature, the latest in cosmetic dentistry could change that. Lumineers represent an astonishing advancement in the way we treat smiles at your Manalapan Township cosmetic dentist by giving you a completely new look for your smile that is both permanent, and pain free. At Dibling Dental our experienced doctor and team of fully licensed and professionally trained staff can give you the smile you have always wanted with your very own Lumineers.

You don’t need to go through painful surgery to get the perfect smile makeover for a more beautiful and confident you. With the perfect set of Lumineers you can have a smile you will love to show off, and you don’t require a bit of surgery to get them. But what are Lumineers? Crafted of beautiful porcelain, these small shells are no thicker than a contact lens, and are crafted individually to fit over each individual tooth of your smile to give you the exact look you want to see. This allows for them to be hand-tailored to your smile to correct stubborn stains, chips, gaps, cracks, and even misaligned teeth can be corrected beautifully with Lumineers from your Manalapan Township cosmetic dentist.

What makes Lumineers such a popular choice with our patients is not just their beauty, but their ease of placement. At your local Manalapan Township cosmetic dentist office, we strive to offer our patients the latest in state of the art dental technology and treatments and procedures, and in doing so have become professionally trained and experienced in making your Lumineers last for a lifetime of stunning smiles. These cosmetic porcelain veneers require very little prep work of your teeth, as they are simply bonded with our hygienically safe and proven effect chemical that seals these small porcelain shells over the front of your teeth for a smile you will truly love to show off again, with no healing time required.

At Dibling Dental, Dr. John Dibling has been proud to serve his community as your trusted Manalapan Township cosmetic dentist for over twenty years. His dedication to personalized care powered by the best advancements in dental care makes Dr. John Dibling a truly talented and caring dentist. Lumineers can give you the perfect look, but they must be attached one by one, by hand, and as such require years of training and experience. With Dibling Dental you will find exactly that, all in the welcoming and local offices you can feel comfortable in to ask any questions you may have about Lumineers and exactly how they can give you the perfect smile you deserve.

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