Mar 07


Mini implants refer to dental implants that have a smaller diameter than normal.  These implants usually have diameters of 1.8 to 2.8 mm.    The implants are in one piece which means the head of the implant will have a profile above the gum line the day the dental implant is placed.  Advantages of mini implants are that the implants are usually placed directly through the gum without a reflective gum surgical procedure.

The implants are placed into function the day of the surgery with either some sort of snap attachment or temporary crown.   The same advantages, however, do create some drawbacks.  The fact that the implant is in one piece prevents multiple implant placement at different angles.  All the implants have to be lined up rather straight up and down for bridgework or attachment snaps to “draw” or go on and off.

Dr. John Dibling usually uses mini implants for what is called over dentures.  That is where the implants have a small ball head and attachment snaps are placed into either a removable denture or partial denture to secure it in place.

Using multiple mini implants for posterior, or back tooth replacement, this doctor believes is contraindicated.  Even if this works for several years, long term cyclic fatigue of the small diameter implants will cause fracture particularly in high stress areas of loading force.  I see multiple U Tube videos of mini implants being placed for back teeth.  I would question if they will be in service within five years.

Mini implants do have their place for single tooth applications for lower front teeth or upper later incisors.  In these situations, particulary if the patient does not have a clenching or Bruxism habit, these are acceptable choices.  Dr. John Dibling uses either Imtec mini implants or Intralock mini dental implants.  Interlock has a nice feature of having a cementable sleeve that fits over the square headed implant.  This allows for an almost custom abutment head finish line of a crown to the gum line.   This also helps correct  issues of draw with multiple implants.   This feature is very nice for a patient that has a high lip line.

Dr. John Dibling has placed and restored implants since 1986.  He has used mini dental implants with good results in hundreds of patients.  He utilizes the Simplant Surgi Guides which are fabricated from cone beam computer assisted tomagraphy.  This achieves optimal implant placement and parallelism for patient’s success and safety.  He offers mini dental implants restored with attachments for $599.00 complete.  You can listen to his patient’s testimonials on dental implants and other procedures on his website.