Apr 12

Should I get laser gum treatment?

Laser treatment of periodontal disease has been shown to have an adjunctive benefit to regular gum treatment. In short, laser therapy is good but it doesn’t replace regular gum therapy. Initial non-surgical gum therapy always includes mechanical removal of the calculus & tarter from the teeth & roots.

Multiple lasers of different wavelengths can be used & are effective. Lasers have different targets that they destroy.
Nd: lag lasers target dark pigment & CO2 lasers target water.

With lasers, its main benefit in gum treatment is killing the bacteria on site. Disinfection of the sight is the main benefit of using lasers. Using lasers to treat old dental implants works great as well.

Since the implant surface is porous it’s almost impossible to clean the bacteria & biofilm off of an implant. However lasers “sterilize” the surface & leave no damage to the implant itself.

Dr. Dibling uses a DEKA CO2 laser in his office. Treating both teeth & implants with the laser has been a real game-changer.
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