Jul 28

I’ve Been Told I Am Not A Dental Implant Candidate

Patients present very frequently with statements like this.  When I begin questioning them, very often I find no direct reason for them to have been told this.  By a direct reason, I mean what is called an absolute contraindication to do the procedure.  Such absolte exclusions woul be uncontrolled diabetes, lupus, or some other severe medical condition.  For instance, a person on large doses of steroids for a severe asthma condition would definitely make this patient a non-candidate.

After talking to this patient for a while, I find their prior dentist told them this and the reason was given that they have no bone.  While this may mean you cannot place a dental implant right away, you can almost always grow the bone!

Many graft procedures are available.  In the upper jaw, a graft to the sinus can be completed and will allow for dental implants to be placed where before there was nothing but air.

In both the upper and lower jaw, what is called a particle or onlay block graft can be performed and will allow us to grow the bone both vertically in an up and down relation or horizontally from a cheek to tongue position.

Sometimes grafts can be performed the same day the dental implant is placed, so there is only one procedure.

Dr. Dibling has done research on graft materials and is a co-author on several scientific articles on various graft materials.  He will be glad to go over all your options with you.  After the grafts are performed, a cone beam CAT scan may be taken to assess the new bone.  Dr. Dibling uses a software called “Simplant” to both design the final configuration of the dental work and to place the implant in the ideal position.  This CADCAM technology of “Simplant” is fascinating and Dr. Dibling will be glad to demonstrate it to you during your dental implant consult.

The consults are always at no charge and all you have to lose is a little time and I suppose the places in your mouth where the teeth are missing!

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