Feb 22

You’re Too Far Despite Your Low Fees

The phone at my Manalapan implant office rang & Dawn answered. The patient stated, “I live in Staten Island & I think your office is too far to go for my dental implants.”

Dawn asked, “How far do you commute for work?” The perspective patient answered, “I travel an hour & 15 one way.” Dawn questioned, “5 days a week?” “Yes,” the implant prospective patient responded. “Well then,” said Dawn, “what’s the concern traveling a few times a month for a month or two to receive excellent care? And by the way, this dentist has been placing implants for over 30 yrs & you’ll probably save thousands of dollars as opposed to going elsewhere. Think about it,” Dawn said. “If you need a healthcare professional like a cardiologist or dermatologist you’re going to see them for specific services and then return to your general practitioner for flu shots & physicals. Same applies for your dental implants. You can have them placed here & return to your local provider for routine care. So come in for your free dental implant consult & get your mouth fixed already.”

With our great Google reviews & fees for dental implants at about half the price of other offices, what are you are you waiting for? Dr.Dibling didn’t get top implant dentist in Monmouth county because he didn’t earn it. So call today.