Jul 28

SimPlant® Planner

SimPlant® Planner allows Dr. Dibling to plan your implants in 3D and with precision.

Dr. Dibling utilizes SimPlant® Planner to help determine the perfect location for every implant while at the same time achieving the finest esthetic result.

We use SimPlant® Planner as a tool to:

  • Help us create your implants with ease and precision
  • Provide us with 3D transparency tool for investigation of the position of the nerve towards the implants
  • Easy assessment of the bone density
  • True 3D planning, involving realistic implants and views inside the bone
  • Ordering of a SurgiGuide® for sub-millimeter surgery

Call us today to learn more about how we use the SimPlant® Planner to deliver natural looking, long lasting implants.