Aug 21

Complete Dental Implants for $1,999.00

Yes, you CAN get a dental implant, the abutment and crown for $1,999.00! And no, this is NOT a mini implant, but a two-stage Legacy 3 implant with the abutment and a porcelain crown. You may ask how we can do this. At Dibling Dental, we place a lot of dental implants, and with this volume of placements, we are able to reduce costs for ourselves, and ultimately for you.

It’s true, there are some local dentists offering implants for as low as $399.00. However, read the ad carefully! You will realize that the post or abutment and the crown is $1,600.00, which makes your entire cost over $2,000 all by itself. Not so with us. These implants can be placed many times on the same date of extraction.

For molar tooth replacements, we use an implant called a Max-It implant from Southern Implants. These have wide body 7, 8, and 9mm diameters which fit nicely into a larger extraction site. Please note that these are an additional $200.00 cost, with a fee for the extraction as well.

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