Mar 26

Everything on four and nowhere on three

When placing four tilted dental implants offer the reconstruction of an entire fixed prosthesis, well ….. most times.  I am not going to argue it does work with some frequency.  However, it depends on a lot of factors all going correctly and your comfort range. 

I am not a minimalist though.  I feel if you purchase an air conditioner that is just barely large enough for your house’s volume, it will work.  However, it is going to run more, cost more to run and eventually probably fail sooner.

I am a Scuba diver.  I dive with something called a “pony tank”.  It is an entirely separate air delivery mouth piece (regulator).  The air source is entirely separate from the main tank as a redundent back up. 

When I dive in the Caribbean, the local dive crews always say “what do you need that thing for”?  The do not use these in the Caribbean. 

I always say “hey, do you have a spare tire in the trunk of your car.  What do you need that for.  You live on an island”.  They usually shut up after that. 

Well, back to dental implants anyway.  My philosophy is four on the floor, five, six or more same fee, same price.   I want that back-up air tank and extra implants. 

I charge $18,000 for a Hybrid fixed total Zirconium prosthesis.  I do not want to worry about one of the four implants being compromised or failing in the future.  Then we are out of air! 

I will place an immediate fixed temporary acrylic Hybrid prosthesis on at least five or more implants.

For this to be accomplished, sever pre-requisites need to be fulfilled.

– All of the dental implants placed need to have a particular torque or tightness to them right from the start when they are fully seated in place.

– The bone needs to have a particular density before hand for this to be possible.  Bone density for dental implants is measured in Hounsfield units. 

Above 500 is ideal.  So if you are a Caucasian post-menopausal female, chances are your bone density may be just borderline.  Bone density varies for gender and races and is a definite factor. 

This does not mean that you cannot have a successful implant prosthesis but an immediate loaded prosthesis or (teeth in a day) may be very unlikely. 

Longevity of service is the goal here.  Things like the Brooklyn and Washington bridge are fabulously engineered stuctures. 

The architects and engineers designed  these structures for contingencies of use, stress and load hundreds of times past what they could have possibly imagined they were going to carry.  Good thing they did because they are still in service and going strong. 

Don’t be a minimalist!  You would not trade in your grandkids carseats for bubble wrap.  Would you? 

Listen to the videos on my website and schedule an appointment. There is never a charge for consults.  Come in and get educated before you decide.