Feb 03


The Ramones hit song from the 70’s rings true for many dental phobics.  However, not enough of these fearful patients utilize these services.  We do offer enteral (oral) conscious sedation.  The oral sedation protocol this doctor uses is very safe and effective.  The drugs utilized have a very powerful amnesic effect for the patient.  We frequently hear patients state “I can’t remember the treatment you did for me, I didn’t feel anything and I don’t remember it”.

I had a patient that we extracted 18 teeth on and delivered an immediate denture.  And this patient asked me if Idid the treatment on her because she wasn’t sure if I or someone else treated her.

This patient was so happy at the post-op visit the following week that she wept and thanked me for what she expected to be a frightening event into a pleasant nap.

In actuality, these patients are not really sleeping but are awake and can respond to questions.  The drugs amnesic effect allows them to think they were asleep.  All during this time the patient’s airway, blood pressure and oxygen percentage is continually monitored to assure safety.

Dr. Dibling has an enteral sedation permit from the state of New Jersey.  He and his staff are also trained in basic life support and he himself has a certificate in advanced cardiac life support.  All necessary equipment including oxygen, drug reversal agents and an automatic electronic defibrillator are present.  The AED is not a state requirement but Dr. Dibling has purchased it and has it available.  (It has never been used).  Does your dentist have an AED in his office?  Why not?

Dr. Dibling happens to be an active scuba diver and has a rescue dive certification.  He happens to bring the AED in a water proof case off shore on the local dive charters.  The local dive captains are quite impressed.

Consults for discussion about having dentistry performed under conscious sedation are no charge, and always have been.

You have nothing to loose but your fear and a little time.